Beautifully crafted urban bicycle, with a fast release shoulder carrier. Style and effortless utility is at the heart of the RetroRide ethos. The three speed bicycle offers a smooth, comfortable ride, painted, assembled and finished in England. The bike is uni-sex and uni-size, catering for heights between 5-6 feet, although requests are welcome for height adjustments


This luxury carrier has been 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in England. A lightweight aluminum structure, with beautiful tweed or tartan fabric offers a comfortable, stylish shoulder carrier. It has been padded for silent cycling with a waterproof lid and sturdy shoulder strap. A fast release mechanism creates a highly efficient transition from bike mounted to shoulder mounted in seconds. It boasts a 30 litre capacity designed to transport your life, alongside your cycling. Ideal for shopping, gym/work kit, picnics or anything else that takes your fancy.


Price £550